CITES Feedback – COP 19 Day 3: Plenary: Committee 1 & 2

COP 19 Day 3: Plenary: Committee 1 & 2
16 November 2022

Delegates were split into two committees to enable CITES to get through the extensive Agenda.

This requires both Parties (governments) and the Observers (NGO’s) – if they have sufficient delegates – to have representatives in both halls.

While the SUCo-SA delegation has common interests and objectives, our larger delegation allow us insight and participation in both.

Of interest in Committee 1 was the considerable support for trade, heritage and livelihoods proposals and discussions on plants received. This further enable us to identify countries and NGO’s that support sustainable use, and possible future alliance partners.

Meanwhile Committee II has also been discussing indigenous peoples and rural communities. Given the split view on the matter amongst Parties, it was decided to move the issue to a working group that was established on agenda item 13, which would then deliver its report to the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee, in turn, would then discuss the matter and inform CoP20 on how to move this issue ahead.
All of the above in essence translates to the right to trade.

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