Competition: Tell Your Story – Sustainable Use & Sustainable Use Through Ecosystem Management

Dear SUCo-SA members,
I am now Lead for the IUCN Thematic Group: Sustainable Use and Ecosystem Management.

The principle project for this Group has been the establishment of a Multilingual Portal which promotes Sustainable Use and Sustainable use through Ecosystem Management. You can visit this portal on it is currently available in 52 languages. If you click on the little globe in the header you will find the list of national and regional sites and languages and you will find options to view this in Afrikaans and isiZulu as well.
We are preparing a response to the discussion in the UK parliament about banning trophy hunting, with one piece of legislation proposed by an individual Member of Parliament and another being considered by a government department if that proposal fails to gather support. The European Sustainable Use Group is funding a “Tell-or-Story” competition on SUME’s local language sites for Southern Africa, using the attached draft text to encourage local voices to speak about effects of hunting being banned.

The “Tell-our-Story” is now live at: (need to update Covid)

Click on Tell Our Story in the left-hand menu and you will see details of the competition. The competition has started while we continue to work on further translations. We have two more sites, one in isiZulu and one in kiSwahili which are under way.

We really want to start promoting this project and I feel that SUCo-SA may be a very valuable group to assist us. Members of SUCo-SA may know people whom they can encourage to enter and may be interested in becoming involved in the translations and site development (Julius Koen – who is a SUCo-SA member – has prepared the Afrikaans translation for us). I hope that this may be of interest and support to you.

With best regards,

Adrian Lombard

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