Hunting in South Africa Continues to Get Better and Better! 

South Africa… the Gateway to Africa. Nothing describes our country more accurately as the South African tourism slogan, “A World in One Country”! Indeed it is, and the good news is that much of it is a hunter’s world!
South Africa hosts more than 20 000 plant-, 299 mammal-, 856 bird- and 350 reptile species. 
With more than 70 huntable indigenous and exotic species, RSA is the best place for beginners to get their feet wet in the African hunting, and equally great for an old pro to add a few new species to their collection. It is also the only country where the entire Big 5 may be hunted! 
With the varied game list it would be impossible to do everything on one safari and that’s just as well, for South Africa is a place to which most visitors wish to return.
The good news is that the hunting in South Africa continues to get better and better!  Enjoy the video.

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