My Thoughts on Zimbabwe’s Elephants

YOU WANT TO KNOW MY THOUGHTS ON ZIMBABWE’S ELEPHANTS consequent upon recent publications. Maybe this is the time to tell our SUCo members, and the general public of South Africa, too, what makes the world of elephants go round.
The recent report by a Zimbabwean “elephant management expert” (or so it seems), which went ‘the rounds’ of our various emails down here in South Africa, claims that Zimbabwe’s elephant population has “doubled its number” in recent years. From what I gather they have increased from 83 000 in 2014 to over 100 000 elephants today.
I am not going to nit-pick over these figures because THAT is NOT the important issue here.
It has been suggested, apparently, that this huge population needs to be culled down to 45 000 or 50 000 (which our Zimbabwe elephant friend seems to believe is that country’s elephant carrying capacity). The claim that Zimbabwe’s elephant population has increased to over 100 000 has also been contested by people down here in South Africa.
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