SUCo-SA Objectives

The Coalition is a public, non-government and non-profit Coalition established for the following objectives:

1. To stand in solid, unified, protection of all forms of legal sustainable use including the responsible production and management of renewable natural resources;

2. To strive to ensure that where sustainable use is not legal, but should be, it is caused to be made to become legal;

3. To corelate, create and become a repository for credible scientific and practical knowledge supporting the doctrine of sustainable use;

4. To share to the public useful and educational facts on the benefits of sustainable use, and the resultant importance of habitat conservation;

5. To dispel myths spread against sustainable use whether deliberate misinformation, or inadvertent ignorance from general sources and the media;

6. To support and/or to create specialised Coalition focus groups to manage specific strategic functions furthering the overall Coalition objectives;

7. To ensure strong strategic liaison between Coalition members to maximise strengths, minimise weaknesses, and avoid duplication of efforts;

8. To create capacity to ensure positive influence in every sphere of policy affecting all aspects related to sustainable use, and habitat conservation;

9. To seek broader national, regional, and international liaison, cooperation, and alliances with like-minded entities, and;

10. To create mechanisms to ensure the long-term functioning and capacity of the Coalition.